A module that aims to provide easy access to hard-to-access functionality in Pythonista
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Download the repo in zip format and extract it, or git clone it using stash. Then move or copy the pythonista folder into site-packages. If the module was installed correctly, you should be able to run the examples.


  • Bring together in one place everything possible with UIApplication and objc_util
  • Make customising the Pythonista app similar to, and as easy as, using the ui module


The code is now broken into several submodules:

  • pythonista.app contains functions for setting the badge string/number, clearing the badge, and opening URLs in an appex-safe way.
  • pythonista.classes is a proxy module that can be used to load Objective-C classes. For example pythonista.classes.NSObject == objc_util.ObjCClass("NSObject").
  • pythonista.console contains functions for getting the current and default console fonts.
  • pythonista.editor contains the Tab and WebTab classes.
  • pythonista.shared contains a few commonly used objects, such as the shared application and a few view controllers.

Note: Please do NOT use from pythonista import *, as this will cause name conflicts with the default console and editor modules. Instead, use it only with import pythonista, as this way the module's submodules will not overwrite Pythonista's default ones. It is fine to use from pythonista.module import * with all submodules except for pythonista.classes.

As of right now, each submodule contains only a small amount of functionality, but as they're expanded, the submodule approach will make much more sense.

pythonista.editor will hopefully eventually contain the classes for easily controlling the editor's look and feel. The structure of these submodules, as well as their names, is likely to change.


  • Based on examples posted on the forums by @omz, @JonB, @Webmaster4o, etc.