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A game of subtraction. Learn more about the math behind the game on Wikipedia.

Created for ConUHacks IV from 26-27 January 2019. See our Devpost submission.

We also created a browser port, which you can find at this repository.


Open the file nim.pde in a Processing window and run the sketch.


Before starting the game, you may wish to change the difficulty or toggle game modes. Do so by clicking the various options on the main menu.

How to play


Every turn, you may remove any number of donuts you wish from any one row of the board. Click on the donuts to remove them and click on the CONFIRM button to end your turn. In normal mode, the goal of the game is to click the last donut, while in misère mode, the goal of the game is to not click the last donut.


Programmed with care by Rosie Zhao, Ran Tao, Yao Liu, and Marcel Goh of McGill University.

Music: Composed by F. F. Chopin (1810-1849) and arranged using PICO-8.

Made with Processing.


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