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This repository contains the core libary for Line Rider:

  • line-rider-engine: Backwards compatible physics engine for Line Rider

Some helper libraries:

  • v2: simple 2d vectors
  • g2: geometry helpers
  • immo: Immutable Manually Managed Objects
  • ordered-object-array: A collection for sorted objects in an array
  • line-engine: A framework for deterministic grid-based physics engines with efficient recomputation
  • line-space: A data structure for efficient spatial querying of lines

And some utility functions in utils:

  • dda: digital differential analyzer (draws a line using pixels) for floating point coordinates
  • hashNumberPair: functions that map every pair of integers to a unique integer

These libraries are located in src, along with their corresponding tests.


See src/line-rider-engine.spec.js


  1. npm install
  2. make

This transpiles the source files from es6 into whatever can be run natively in your version of node. The built files will be located in build


make test

Test results are put into test-results.