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Lint your commits, patternplate-style


Shareable commitlint config enforcing the patternplate commit convention. Use with @commitlint/cli and @commitlint/prompt-cli.

Getting started

npm install --save-dev @commitlint/config-patternplate @commitlint/cli
echo "module.exports = {extends: ['@commitlint/config-patternplate']};" > commitlint.config.js


@commitlint/config-patternplate extends the shareable angular config. Additionally these rules apply:


The following rules are considered problems for @commitlint/config-patterplate and will yield a non-zero exit code when not met.


  • description: scope is found in value
  • rule: always
  • value: determined based on pattern tree. system and all pattern ids present in patterns are allowed

Consult docs/rules for a list of available rules.

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