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Conventional Commits

This repo is the home of the Conventional Commits specification.

Repo Layout

We use HUGO as static site generator, so we use the directory structure HUGO proposes.

Our implementation

  • ./content: contains all the versions of the specification.
  • ./content/next/: contains the version of the specification (where all the changes SHOULD be made).
  • ./content/**/index.[lang].md: contains the content of the specification, if a language is specified it's a translation.


We'd love your help refining the language of this specification, fixing typos, or adding more translations. Please don't hesitate to send a pull request.

Adding a translation

  1. Create a new file in ./content/version/index.[lang].md using the hugo command hugo new [version]/index.[lang].md.
  2. Ensure all files have the appropriate fields required (see others as an example)..
  3. Add the language to the config.yaml file (see others as an example).

Running project locally

There's a docker-compose.yml file ready that will help you to check if the website looks good! To run it make sure you have docker-compose installed on your machine and just use the command docker-compose up to make it run locally.

Once the website will be compiled, you can see the website visiting http://localhost:1313


Tell your users that you use the Conventional Commits specification:

[![Conventional Commits](](

Thank you

To Lorenzo D'Ianni for the great effort creating the CSS and the HTML for the new UI.

To Netlify to host our project, giving us a lot of amazing built in functionality for free.

To we used as a blueprint for the structure of this specification and the first version of the website.