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A demonstration of collaborative diagram editing using mxGraph and Convergence
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Convergence mxGraph Demonstration

This project demonstrates collaborative diagram editing using the mxGraph open source diagraming framework integrated with Convergence. This example is based off of the Graph Editor Example that comes with mxGraph. It has been extended and integrated with Convergence to provide realtime editing, shared cursors, shared selection, and viewport awareness. The example also leverages Convergence to provide a participant list and a chat room per diagram.

The project uses lite-server to provide a minimal web server for hosting the example. The lite-server instance maps the node_modules directory and the configuration file into the appropriate places for running the example.


  • npm >= 6.0
  • node >= 10.0
  • mxGraph >= 3.9
  • convergence >= 1.0.0-rc.1

Running the Demo

  • npm install
  • Create a configuration file by following the instructions in the mxgraph.config.example.js file.
  • npm start
  • Open your browser to http://localhost:8000
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