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Conversant ConcurrentQueue, Disruptor BlockingQueue and ConcurrentStack

Disruptor is the highest performing intra-thread transfer mechanism available in Java. Conversant Disruptor is the highest performing implementation of this type of ring buffer because it has almost no overhead and it exploits a particularly simple design.

2017 Conversant Disruptor - Still the World's Fastest

Getting Started

Run the maven build to build and use the package.

$ mvn -U clean package

Conversant Disruptor is on Maven Central

For Java 9 and above:


A classifier is not required in the latest release.

Java 8 is only supported in 1.2.15 and earlier.

Java 7 is only supported in 1.2.10 and earlier.


Discussion Forum

Conversant Disruptor has a google group so you can follow releases and changes:!forum/conversant-disruptor

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