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This repository contains the source files for the Prebid.js documentation site at

Please see the sections below for more information.


Thanks in advance for your contribution! Contributors are listed in the Thanks section below.

For smaller changes, such as fixing a typo or adding a new section to an existing page, submit a pull request.

For larger changes such as reorganizing the site and moving/removing content, you may want to open an issue so we can discuss the work beforehand. This is a good idea because:

  • We want to value your time, so you don't do unnecessary work
  • We want to value our users' time; we don't want to break links and bookmarks for users


All docs are under the license shown in the LICENSE file in this directory.


The site uses Jekyll, which is written in the Ruby language.

To follow the instructions in the next section, you will need to install the Bundler Ruby gem.

Try the following command:

$ gem install bundler

If you are on a Mac and the above command fails with a permissions error (e.g., "ERROR: While executing gem ... You don't have write permissions for the /Library/Ruby/Gems/... directory."), try the following steps:

  1. Build your own ruby binary using Homebrew: brew install ruby. The Homebrew-built Ruby should include its own version of the gem command which avoids modifying system libraries.
  2. Try gem install bundler again. If it still fails, try sudo gem install bundler. After that, you should be able to avoid any further use of sudo by running bundler with the arguments shown in the next section.

Running Jekyll Locally

Before submitting a pull request, you should run the site locally to make sure your edits actually work.

To get started editing the site and seeing your changes, clone this repo and enter the following commands in your terminal:

  • cd /path/to/

  • bundle install --path vendor/bundle

  • bundle exec jekyll serve

You should see output that looks something like this:

Configuration file: /Users/rloveland/Dropbox/Code/  
            Source: /Users/rloveland/Dropbox/Code/  
       Destination: /Users/rloveland/Dropbox/Code/  
 Incremental build: disabled. Enable with --incremental  
                    done in 13.596 seconds.  
 Auto-regeneration: enabled for '/Users/rloveland/Dropbox/Code/'  
Configuration file: /Users/rloveland/Dropbox/Code/  
    Server address:  
  Server running... press ctrl-c to stop.  

Open the Server address URL in your browser, and you should see a locally running copy of the site.

Alphabetization of Bidder Adaptors

Please don't alphabetize the lists of adapters in your PR, either on the home page or the downloads page.

The adapters are not listed in alphabetical order, they're listed in the order in which they were added to the Prebid.js repo, using (approximately) this command in src/adapters:

for file in `ls | grep -f <(git ls-files)`; do
    HASH=`git rev-list HEAD $file | tail -n 1`;
    DATE=`git show -s --format="%ci" $HASH --`;
    printf "%-35s %-35s %s\n" $file "$DATE" $HASH;
done | sort -d -k 2

The Downloads Page

Please don't submit PRs to the downloads page. That page gets updated in tandem with the Prebid.js release process.

The Downloads page is generated from the Markdown bidder adapter docs, so the process for updating is:

  1. Your adapter code is merged into Prebid.js
  2. Your bidder docs PR is submitted over here to the docs site
  3. Your adapter code is included with a release
  4. Once your adapter code is actually released, we merge the adapter docs PR, and the Downloads page is automagically updated with a checkbox to include your adapter.

This means an adaptor is not available to download from as soon as the code gets merged into Prebid.js - it will be available after the next release (usually in a couple of weeks).


Many thanks to the following people who have submitted content to We really appreciate the help!

In alphabetical order: