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A lita plugin for interacting with


Add this gem to your lita installation by including the following line in your Gemfile:

gem "lita-mailgun"

Externally triggered events

This handler can accept mailgun events and trigger a variety of activities as appropriate. To get started, use the mailgun web interface to configure a webhook that POSTs events to:

It can also accept incoming emails that mailgun POSTS to a URL. Configure this by adding a route in the mailgun web interface that POSTS to:

Incoming messages will be emited on the lita event bus with the name :mailgun_incoming.

Dropped Email Reports

To print a warning when a high number of recent emails to a domain were dropped, edit your lita_config.rb to include the following line.

config.handlers.mailgun_droppped_rate.channel_name = "channel-name"

The warnings will look something like this:

[mailgun] [] 8/10 (80.0%) recent emails dropped

Chat commands

This handler provides no additional chat commands. Yet.


Possible ideas for new features, either via chat commands or externally triggered events:

  • maybe set a maximum period of time to store the event data?
  • maybe record the number of unique addresses that have failed, and skip warning if all failures are to 1 or 2 addresses. We're looking for issues that are likely domain wide, not a single mailbox