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PerspectiveAPI Proxy

This project shows how to write a simple asynchronous proxy for the Perspective API. It also provides a simple HTML interface to help debug issues. It is intended to be used by a system that wants asynchonous scoring of comments. In the code and documentation below we refer to the other system as Osmod (an opensource moderation assistant).


  • NodeJS LTS 6.10.x. nvm is a nice way to get Node installed.
  • Access to the Perspective API.
    • Once whitelisted, you should be able to enable the API in the Cloud console (go to the API Manager section, click Enable API, and search for "comment analyzer").
    • You'll need to create an API key in the Credentials subsection of the API Manager section.
      • Set the GOOGLE_CLOUD_API_KEY environment variable to the key.


Running a development server

yarn install
GOOGLE_CLOUD_API_KEY=generated-api-key \
  PORT=8080 \
  yarn run watch

This command will automatically restart your server when you update the code. Note: See the instructions for generating an API key in Requirements.

Issue a score-comment request:

curl -H 'Authorization: s3cret' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  --data '{"sync":true, "comment": {"plainText": "you big darn dummy!"} }' \


To run linters: yarn run lint

To run tests: yarn run test

Testing/debugging model scoring

There's an excrutiatingly simple, Web 1.0 interface for testing comment scoring requests that the proxy serves as its root page (e.g., http://localhost:8080/). It requires an authentication token, which can be anything included in the AUTH_WHITELIST environment variable (and the authWhitelist value of the config JSON file in dist/config/).

It's essentially a little wrapper around the basic curl request that parses the ML API's response and shows how different parts of the comment got scored.


First, make a production.json config file into dist/config/. It should look something like this:

  "port": 8080,
  "osmodToken": "Auth token sent to Osmod so it can trust the proxy.",
  "authWhitelist": ["Auth token accepted by the proxy"],
  "googleCloudApiKey": "Google cloud api key"
  "attributeRequests": {
      "TOXICITY": {},
  • googleCloudApiKey (or environment variable GOOGLE_CLOUD_API_KEY) is a generated API key (see instructions in Requirements).
  • authWhitelist (or environment variable AUTH_WHITELIST) is a comma-separated list of accepted auth tokens from Osmod (used when Osmod posts score-comment requests to the proxy). Set this to something secret and configure Osmod to use it (e.g. using the command dd if=/dev/urandom bs=1 count=32 | base64).
  • osmodToken (or environment variable OSMOD_TOKEN) is the proxy's auth token included the async response HTTP requests sent to Osmod. This is generated (and also stored) on the Osmod side.
  • attributeRequests (or environment variable ATTRIBUTE_REQUESTS) is map from PerspectiveAPI attribute names to an attribute configuration object. Sensible defaults are used, so the empty object {} is a valid (and typical) choice for the attribute configuration.

After creating this json config file, deploy the production proxy like so (from the server directory):

yarn run compile
gcloud auth login
gcloud config set project YOUR_CLOUD_PROJECT_NAME
gcloud app deploy

Locally testing using docker

Build a local version and then the docker image (which includes and then uses the locally built version):

yarn install
yarn run compile
docker build -t perspectiveapi-proxy -f .

Start a shell in docker image:

docker run -p 8080:8080 -ti perspectiveapi-proxy:latest /bin/bash

And from the docker shell, you can now start the server:

yarn run start


The assistant links the Osmod service with the Perspective API. The Osmod service issues /api/score-comment requests to the assistant. The assistant forwards that request to the Perspective API, and (asynchronously) posts the result back to Osmod.

Proxy Osmod Moderator protocol

The protocol between the this proxy assistant and Osmod is documented here:

Proxy PerspectiveAPI protocol

The protocol between the assistant and the PerspectiveAPI is document on the perspective github page.


This example code is to help experimentation with the Perspective API; it is not an official Google product.


Example code for an authenticated proxy for requests to the Perspective API




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