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Perspective API Quickstart

  1. Get whitelisted. To use the API, your you need to have your email address whitelisted. Apply here. You'll hear from someone on our team once you're approved.

  2. Create a Google Cloud project. Go to the Google Cloud console to create a new project. You can also use an existing project, if you have one.

    Note: Your application doesn't need to be hosted on Google Cloud, but you will still need a Google Cloud project to authenticate your API requests.

  3. Enable the API. Once you've been whitelisted, you'll be able to enable the API in for your project. Go to the Perspective API's overview page and click Enable. If you haven't yet been whitelisted, you'll get a permissions error at this point.

  4. Generate an API key. To authenticate your requests, you'll need to generate credentials for your project. Using an API key is the simplest option. Go to the API credentials page, click Create credentials, and choose "API Key".

    Note that it typically takes only a few minutes for a new API key to have access after the API is enabled, but it can on occasion take up to an hour; until the API key is enabled, you may get errors of the form "API Key not found. Please pass a valid API key".

  5. Make an AnalyzeComment request.

    Use the API key you generated in the previous step as the key param in this curl command:

    $ curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" --data \
        '{comment: {text: "what kind of idiot name is foo?"},
          languages: ["en"],
          requestedAttributes: {TOXICITY:{}} }' \
      "attributeScores": {
        "TOXICITY": {
          "summaryScore": {
            "value": 0.9014498,
            "type": "PROBABILITY"
      "languages": [

    The curl command issued an API request to analyze the comment.text field for the requestedAttributes, in this case the TOXICITY model.

    In the response ,the field attributeScores.TOXICITY.summaryScore.value gives the toxicity model's score for the comment. In this case, the comment got a 0.9 out of 1.0. A less mean-spirited comment should get a lower score.

See the API reference documentation for details on all of the request and response fields, as well as the available values for requestedAttributes. There are quite a few experimental models, such as "obscene", "attack on a commenter", "spam", etc, that you may find interesting.

Also, subscribe to our perspectiveapi-announce@ Google Group to get notified when we make changes to the API.