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WikiPerspective Hacks

Welcome to the Perspective Hacks gallery where we feature novel example code of how Perspective could be used by communities to improve online conversations. Check out some cool things people have built and please add your own with links to a demo and code to build upon. Hacks can be anything, from a working tool to the seeds of an idea that you want others to build upon.

Have an open source project that uses Perspective? Let us know!

Comment Filter

Example of how to empower readers to choose what level of toxicity they want to read on different news sites using a Chrome extension.



An early prototype of a data visualization that scores talk page edits on wikipedia to help the community identify and revert personal attacks and toxicity on the platform.


Toxicity Timeline

Example of plotting toxicity over time in a news article's comments section with a Chrome extension.


Comment Slider

Example of sorting a comment stream based on the toxicity score of each comment.

Demo   Code

Authorship Feedback

Example of providing real time feedback based on scores as someone types.



Chrome extension that replaces toxic comments with fun emojis. Works on YouTube, Reddit, and many comment forums across the internet


Hot Topics

Chrome extension example of using historical comment data to help identify topics that may be heated and need extra community involvement to maintain a civil debate


Author Perspective for Drupal

A Drupal module configured the site admin to provides feedback to authors. Developed by Rafael Nogueira (Drupal user rafaelferreir4) and supported by Therefore Inc.


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