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Releases: conversejs/converse.js

10.1.6 (2023-08-31)

31 Aug 19:37
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  • #3246: Badge color not responsive to dark theme
  • Fix a GIF rendering bug that causes a memory overflow

10.1.5 (2023-06-29)

30 Jun 04:52
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  • #3209: Fix error when importing the converse global with bootstrap modal API
  • #3207: .po translation files weren't included in previous release
  • Updated Galician and Portuguese translations

10.1.4 (2023-06-25)

25 Jun 09:08
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  • Fix dist directory not included in NPM package

10.1.3 (2023-06-23)

23 Jun 08:36
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  • Add the ability to set roles and affiliations via the MUC occupant modal

  • Fix isOnlyEmojis is not a function when using only @converse/headless

  • Fix autojoin checkbox state in MUC bookmark form

  • Remove call to api.confirm in @converse/headless

  • Generate TypeScript declaration files into dist/types

  • Removed documentation about the no longer implemented fullname option.

  • Updated translations

  • #3123: Contacts do not show up online until chat is opened with them.

  • #3156: Add function to prevent drag stutter effect over iframes when resize is called in overlay mode

  • #3165: Use configured nickname in profile view in the control box

  • New config option stanza_timeout

10.1.2 (2023-02-17)

17 Feb 11:17
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  • #1490: Busy-loop when fetching registration form fails
  • #1556: Can't switch to registration form afrer logout
  • #3137: Various UI/UX bugfixes regarding the registration form
  • XEP-0437: Room Activity Indicators (RAI) optimizations

10.1.1 (2023-02-15)

15 Feb 14:23
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  • #1851: Sort open groupchats alphabetically
  • #2240: Ad-Hoc command result form not shown
  • #3128: Second bookmarked room shows info of the first one
  • Bugfix. Uyghur translations weren't loading

Version 10.1.0 - 2023-01-07

07 Jan 20:25
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  • #326: Add the ability to reset your password

  • #2759: Don't automatically log in again if the user manually logged out

  • #2816: Chat highlight behaves odd

  • #2925: File upload is not always enabled

  • #3001: Add option to save SCRAM details and to use them to stay logged in upon reload

  • Add a "Add to Contacts" button in MUC occupant modals

  • Updated tranlsations and new language Uyghur

  • New config option reuse_scram_keys

Version 10.0.0 - 2022-10-30

31 Oct 08:07
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  • Update to Strophe.js 1.6.0 which adds support for SCRAM-SHA-256 and SCRAM-SHA-512
  • Don't automatically convert OpenStreetMap URLs into geo: URIs in sent messages
  • Remove the allow_chat_pending_contacts config option.
  • Show roster contacts with subscription set to none
  • Remove the converse-carbons plugin and make carbons part of the converse-chat plugin.
  • Remove the message_carbons configuration setting. Carbons are now always enabled.
  • Move the converse-oauth plugin to the community-plugins
  • Don't apply message corrections when the MUC occupant-id doesn't match.
  • Update nick attribute on ChatRoom when user nickname changes
  • Restrict editing of MUC messages to ones with the same XEP-0421 occupant ID
  • Remove unfurls for links removed in a subsequent message correction
  • Bookmarks now appear in a modal and the hide_open_bookmarks config setting has been removed.
  • #1004: Stop using fonts to render icons and use SVG instead
  • #2797: Weird unicode characters rendering outside of line-height
  • #2870: Fix for multiple URLs to be linkified when sent together in chat and adds a test for this.
  • #2879: Quotes, lines not aligned to the first line
  • #2925: Fix missing disco-items in browser storage.
  • #2936: Fix documentation about enable_smacks option, which is true by default.
  • #2939: Data forms with a field named "username" are not displayed
  • #3005: Fix MUC messages with a fallback body not rendering.
  • #3007: Fix links becoming text when a message is edited
  • #3018: Fix MUC icons not functioning.
  • #3028: Fix encrypted media from Conversations/Quicksy not properly decrypting

Version 9.1.1 - 2022-05-05

05 May 21:01
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  • GIFs don't render inside unfurls and cause a TypeError
  • Improve how the muc_domain setting is populated via service discovery
  • Remove local (non-requesting) contacts not returned from a full roster response
  • Improve performance by looking up VCards via map instead of traversing an array
  • Fix infinite loop when receiving service discovery entities with a circular dependency
  • #1130: Display the room’s vCard-temp avatar
  • #2746: Always reply to all iqs, even those not understood
  • #2794: Some display problems with mobile view mode
  • #2868: Selected emoji is inserted into all open chat boxes

Remove the very old and largely unused config option allow_muc.
If you don't want MUC support, you can add 'converse-muc' to the
blacklisted_plugins setting.

Version 9.1.0 - 2022-04-02

02 Apr 18:54
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  • Updated translations: af, ar, el, es, eu, fi, fr, gl, he, lt, ro, tr

  • Increased stanza timeout from 10 to 20 seconds

  • Replace various font icons with SVG icons

  • Fix bug where MUC config wasn't persisted across page loads

  • Add support for calling the IndexedDB getAll method to speed up fetching models from storage.

  • #1761: Add a new dark theme based on the Dracula theme

  • #2557: Allow OMEMO encrypted messages to be edited

  • #2627: Spoiler toggles only after switching to another tab and back

  • #2733: Fix OMEMO race condition related to automatic reconnection and SMACKS

  • #2733: Wait for decrypted/parsed message before queuing to UI

  • #2751: Media not rendered when Converse runs in a browser extension

  • #2754: Navigation keys doesn't work anymore into chat input message

  • #2781: Flashing error when connecting to a room

  • #2786: Fix webpack configuration not working on Windows OS

  • #2788: TypeError when trying to use @converse/headless

  • #2789: Implement new hook parseMessageForCommands for plugins to add custom commands

  • #2814: Links are mangled on open/copy

  • #2822: Singleton doesn't work in overlayed view mode

  • New config option show_connection_url_input