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Release 3.3.3 (2018-02-14)

@jcbrand jcbrand released this
· 3743 commits to master since this release
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3.3.3 (2018-02-14)


  • Attribute error when empty IQ stanza is returned for vCard query
  • In fullscreen view, sometimes a background MUC would come into the foreground
    when a new message appears inside it.

Security fixes

  • CVE-2018-6591: Don't allow PEP bookmarks if pubsub#publish-options is not advertised by the server.

    In previous versions of converse.js, bookmarks sent to servers that don't
    support pubsub#publish-options were visible to all your contacts, even
    though they should be kept private. This is due to those servers simply
    ignoring the pubsub#publish-options directive and converse.js not checking
    first whether pubsub#publish-options is supported before setting bookmarks
    via PEP.

    More info here:

New features

  • XEP-0382 Spoiler Messages (currently only for private chats)
  • Listen for new room bookmarks pushed from the user's PEP service.
  • Simplified the embedded usecase.
    • No need to manually blacklist or whitelist any plugins.
    • Relies on the view_mode being set to 'embedded'.
    • The main converse.js build can be used for the embedded usecase.
    • Maintain MUC session upon page reload

API changes

  • New API method _converse.disco.getIdentity to check whether a JID has a given identity.

Configuration settings

  • auto_reconnect is now set to true by default.
  • New configuration setting allow_public_bookmarks
  • New configuration setting root
  • The view_mode setting now has a new possible value: embedded

Translation updates

  • Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Ukrainian