@jcbrand jcbrand released this Jan 11, 2019 · 74 commits to master since this release

  • Bugfix: MUC commands were being ignored
  • Bugfix: Multiple rooms shown active in the rooms list
  • Bugfix: Don't open chats when receiving messages without a body
  • Bugfix: Typing in the textarea can become very slow in large MUCs
  • UI: Always show the OMEMO lock icon (grayed out if not available).
  • Use publish-options with pubsub#access_model set to open when publishing OMEMO public keys and devices
  • Add a new converse-pubsub plugin, for generic PubSub operations
  • #1180 It's now possible to use OMEMO in a MUC (if it's members-only and non-anonymous)
  • #1334 Force avatar refetch when receiving vcard-temp:x:update
  • #1337 send_chat_state_notifications doesn't work in MUCs
  • #1353 Message Delivery Receipts not working because of the message "type" attribute
  • #1356 Make triangle icon usable
  • #1374 Can't load embedded chat when changing view_mode between page reloads
  • #1376 Fixed some alignment issues in the sidebar
  • #1378 Message Delivery Receipts were being sent for carbons and own messages
  • #1379 MUC unread messages indicator is failing
  • #1382 Message Delivery Receipts: Set store hint and type='chat'
  • #1388 implement muc-owner command /destroy
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