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@jcbrand jcbrand released this Aug 8, 2019 · 34 commits to master since this release

  • BOSH support has been moved to a plugin.
  • Support for XEP-0410 to check whether we're still present in a room
  • Initial support for the CredentialsContainer web API
  • Allow for synchronous events. When a synchronous event is fired, Converse will
    wait for all promises returned by the event's handlers to finish before continuing.
  • Properly handle message correction being received before the corrected message
  • Groupchat default configuration now supports list-multi fields
  • Bugfix: Don't set muc_domain for roomspanel if locked_muc_domain is true.
  • Bugfix: Modal auto-closes when you open it for a second time.
  • Bugfix: Cannot read property 'parentElement' of null in shadow DOM
  • Take roster nickname into consideration when rendering messages and chat headings.
  • Hide the textarea when a user is muted in a groupchat.
  • Don't restore a BOSH session without knowing the JID
  • In the /help menu, only show allowed commands
  • Message deduplication bugfixes and improvements
  • Continuously retry (in 2s intervals) to fetch login credentials (via credentials_url) in case of failure
  • Replace moment with DayJS.
  • New config option auto_focus
  • New config option clear_messages_on_reconnection
  • New config option enable_smacks
  • New config option message_limit
  • New config option muc_fetch_members
  • New config option muc_mention_autocomplete_min_chars
  • New config option muc_show_join_leave_status
  • New config option singleton
    By setting this option to false and view_mode to 'embedded', it's now possible to
    "embed" the full app and not just a single chat. To embed just a single chat, it's now
    necessary to explicitly set singleton to true.
  • Re-add the previously removed config option keepalive
  • New event: chatBoxBlurred
  • New event: chatReconnected
  • #316: Add support for XEP-0198 Stream Management
  • #1071: x clear cross of same size as text
  • #1142: Up/down arrow shouldn't erase current message
  • #1196: Use alternative connection method upon connfail
  • #1296: embedded view mode shows chatbox-navback arrow in header
  • #1330: Missing room name in MUC invitation popup
  • #1445: Participants list uses big font in embedded mode
  • #1455: Avatar in controlbox status-view not updated
  • #1465: When highlighting a roster contact, they're incorrectly shown as online
  • #1476: Support OMEMO on by default for chats via a config variable
  • #1494: Trim whitespace around messages
  • #1495: Mentions should always include a URI attribute
  • #1502: Fatal error when using prebind
  • #1524: OMEMO libsignal-protocol.js Invalid signature
  • #1532: Converse reloads on enter pressed in the filter box
  • #1538: Allow adding self as contact
  • #1548: Add support for paging through the MAM results when filling in the blanks
  • #1550: Legitimate carbons being blocked due to erroneous forgery check
  • #1554: Room auto-configuration broke if the config form contained fields with type fixed
  • #1558: this.get is not a function error when forward_messages is set to true.
  • #1561: Don't call clear on local or session storage
  • #1572: In fullscreen view mode the top is cut off on iOS
  • #1575: MUC invitation autocomplete list doesn't appear
  • #1576: Converse gets stuck with spinner when logging out with auto_login set to true
  • #1579: Trim spaces at the beginning and end of a JID (when adding contact)
  • #1585: Upload files by pasting from clipboard
  • #1586: Not possible to kick someone with a space in their nickname
  • #1664: Blacklisting converse-profile makes the control box totally blank
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