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@jcbrand jcbrand released this Sep 11, 2019 · 32 commits to master since this release

  • po translations files are now loaded via Webpack. As a result the locales_url
    config option is now removed given that the path to the locale JSON files is now
    determined by the webpack config and can't be changed at runtime.
  • The JSON representing emojis is now fetched asynchronously as a separate file converse.emojis.js.
  • Webpack is now configured with a publicPath set to /dist/. This is necessary
    so that chunks (such as the emojis and locales JSON files) can be fetched asynchronously.
    This means that all your assets need to be served at /dist. If you need to set a
    different path, you'll need to set publicPath in webpack.config.js to
    your preferred path and then rebuild all assets (e.g. make dist).
  • Use listenTo to avoid memory leaks when views get removed.
  • SECURITY FIX: Ignore MAM chat messages not sent from yourself
  • #1692 Bugfix: TypeError: oldest_message is undefined
  • #1704 SECURITY FIX: Impersonation by misusage of groupchat carbons
  • #1705 Bugfix: this.roomspanel is undefined after hibernating
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