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@jcbrand jcbrand released this Jan 10, 2020 · 34 commits to master since this release

Breaking changes

  • The debug configuration option has been replaced with loglevel.

  • In contrast to sessionStorage and localStorage, IndexedDB is an asynchronous database.
    A lot of code that relied on database access to be synchronous had to be
    updated to work with asynchronous access via promises.

  • In order to add support for XEP-0156, the XMPP connection needs to be created
    only once we know the JID of the user that's logging in. This means that the
    event now fires much later than before. Plugins that rely on connectionInitialized
    being triggered before the user's JID has been provided will need to be updated.

  • The following API methods now return promises:

    • _converse.api.chats.get
    • _converse.api.chats.create
    • _converse.api.rooms.get
    • _converse.api.rooms.create
    • _converse.api.roomviews.close
  • Changes the events:

    • The chatBoxInitialized event now triggers when a _converse.ChatBox (not the view) is opened.
    • Renamed the old chatBoxInitialized to chatBoxViewInitialized and trigger only for ChatBoxView instances.
    • Renamed chatRoomOpened event to chatRoomViewInitialized
    • The order of certain events have now changed: statusInitialized is now triggered after initialized and connected and reconnected.
  • _converse.api.chats.get() now only returns one-on-one chats, not the control box or headline notifications.

  • The show_only_online_users setting has been removed.

  • is now and instead of taking
    an integer for the type, "info", "warn" or "error" should be passed in.

  • The converse-headline plugin has been split up into converse-headlines and converse-headlines-view.

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