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Version 9.0.0 - 2021-11-29

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@jcbrand jcbrand released this 29 Nov 09:06
· 710 commits to master since this release

Issues and features

  • Compress new avatar images before uploading them
  • Add initial support for XEP-0421 occupant Ids.
  • Use more specific types for form fields based on XEP-0122
  • Fix trimming of chats in overlayed view mode
  • OMEMO bugfix: Always create device session based on real JID.
  • If auto_register_muc_nickname is set, make sure to register when the user changes current nick.
  • Emit a change event when a configuration setting changes
  • #1322: Display occupants’ avatars in the occupants list
  • #1419: Clicking on avatar should show bigger version
  • #1426: Don't fetch member list if not affiliated
  • #2423: Could not find dependency "converse-controlbox" for plugin "converse-muc"
  • #2640: Add beforeFetchLoginCredentials hook
  • #2647: Singleton mode doesn't work
  • #2650: Clicking on occupant in sidebar should add nickname to textarea
  • #2683: Show error messages that don't refer to specific chat messages
  • #2704: Send button doesn't work in a multi-user chat
  • #2715: Singleton + fullscreen mode styling issue
  • #2718: Message is not displayed if it contains an invalid URL
  • #2725: Send new presence status to all connected MUCs
  • #2728: Not sending headers with upload request
  • #2733: OMEMO Messages received while client closed not decrypted

Configuration settings

Three config settings have been obsoleted:

  • embed_audio
  • embed_video
  • show_images_inline
  • muc_show_ogp_unfurls

Breaking Changes

Configuration settings are no longer available on the _converse object.
Instead, use api.settings.get and api.settings.set.