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headless Don't try to create ChatBox from controlbox data in embedded mode Dec 12, 2018
templates Fix bookmark icon Dec 12, 2018
utils Don't render http (i.e. non-TLS) resources Nov 18, 2018
converse-autocomplete.js Use es2015 modules instead of UMD Oct 23, 2018
converse-bookmarks.js Merge pull request #1271 from Ppjet6/issue-1252-bookmark-title Oct 26, 2018
converse-chatboxviews.js Remove coupling between converse-chatboxes and converse-roster Dec 12, 2018
converse-chatview.js Avoid `RID out of range` errors in Prosody Dec 3, 2018
converse-controlbox.js We do need a validate method, but it needed a fix. Dec 13, 2018
converse-dragresize.js Use es2015 modules instead of UMD Oct 23, 2018
converse-embedded.js Use es2015 modules instead of UMD Oct 23, 2018
converse-fullscreen.js show version info in login dialog Nov 13, 2018
converse-minimize.js Fix failing tests by waiting and slightly improve code Dec 6, 2018
converse-modal.js Use es2015 modules instead of UMD Oct 23, 2018
converse-notification.js New event `messageNotification` Dec 6, 2018
converse-omemo.js Use async/await in MAM code and tests Dec 6, 2018
converse-profile.js Add client info modal showing name and version number Nov 14, 2018
converse-roomslist.js Rename `isSingleton` to `isUniView` Dec 4, 2018
converse-singleton.js Rename `isSingleton` to `isUniView` Dec 4, 2018
jquery-stub.js Remove jQuery from non-tests config Jan 4, 2018
underscore-shim.js Use lodash.noConflict for underscore Apr 23, 2017