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Hard-code link header and link tag format #19

cweiske opened this Issue · 6 comments

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The pingback specification hard-codes the link header format so one can run a regexp on the HTML instead of having to parse it. Webmention should do the same.

The same could to be done with the HTTP Link header - the < and > around the link, and double quotes around the relation.


Good idea! What about a simple sentence and a reference to the pingback-chapter at the sender-discovers-receiver-endpoint chapter ( ???


BTW. I think it would be nicer to move the "sender-discovers-receiver-endpoint" to an extra chapter to describe the autodiscovery part a bit more detailed!


Please also switch the order of the attributes in the HTML link tag.
Pingback uses <link rel href>, webmention currently <link href rel>. Implementations that support both webmention and pingback could use a single regexp if the <link rel href> would be enforced by the webmention spec.


@cweiske @pfefferle demanding strictly ordered + laid out HTML makes things easier for consumers at the expense of publishers, which is a known anti-pattern. We should optimise for ease of publishing.

Also, many implementations are already parsing the target HTML for reply-contexts (e.g. @aaronpk (example), @jschweisnberg (example and myself (example)), demonstrating that parsing HTML is not a significant barrier.

(originally posted


It's better to make libs available that make this easy (like than enforce artificial restrictions.

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