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A Java framework for GTFS validation and statistics.
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A Java framework for GTFS validation and statistics.

Build Status

How is this different than the Google-supported validator?

The Google TransitFeed-based validator is written in Python, and is quite slow on large feeds.

This validator uses the Onebusaway-GTFS library, written in Java and is far faster at processing large feeds.


Snapshots are available here

Using this framework

There are then multiple options for use:

  1. Use the pre-built snapshot JAR. java -server -Xmx4g -Xms3g -jar gtfs-validator.jar

  2. Import the services provided and build your own validation.

  3. Use the gtfs-validator-json and gtfs-validator-webapp according to the directions in those folders.

============== ValidatorMain

The ValidatorMain class logs a number of common GTFS errors to Standard Out on the console when run as a JAR. This includes:

  • Problems with route names
  • Bad shape coordinates
  • Unused stops
  • Duplicate stops
  • Missing stop coordinates
  • Missing stop times for trips
  • Stop times out of sequence
  • Duplicated trips (same times)
  • Overlapping trips when block_id is present
  • Missing shapes and shape coordinates
  • “Reversed” shapes with directions that do not agree with stop times.
  • Exhaustively going through the calendar and printing active service IDs and number of trips for that day.
  • Dates with no active service
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