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A library for opening, updating and manipulating OSM files of any size.
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A library for random entity access inside OSM files of any size, up to and including planet.pbf.

Build Status

Build the JAR

$ mvn clean package

Run Vanilla Extract

$ mvn exec:java -Dexec.mainClass="com.conveyal.osmlib.VanillaExtract" -Dexec.args=...

Replicate the planet or a smaller region

You'll want to load from a PBF source that contains a timestamp if you want minutely updates. Planet mirrors, Mapzen Metro Extracts, and Geofabrik extracts contain timestamps. Watch for the timestamp to appear as the load process begins just to make sure it was properly read.

VanillaExtract /mnt/ssd2/vexdata --loadURL

VanillaExtract --loadURL

VanillaExtract /mnt/ssd2/vexdata --load /home/abyrd/france.osm.pbf

VanillaExtract /mnt/ssd2/vexdata --load /home/abyrd/belgium.vex

Load planet from an FTP server in the background

$ nohup time mvn exec:java -Dexec.mainClass="com.conveyal.osmlib.VanillaExtract" -Dexec.args="/mnt/ssd2/vexdata --loadURL" &

Run an extract server with minutely updates

VanillaExtract /mnt/ssd2/vexdata

Fetch a geographic extract

Near Aarhus, Denmark as PBF

wget http://localhost:9001/56.12761,10.056558,56.179451,10.144608.pbf

Near Aarhus, Denmark in VEX format

wget http://localhost:9001/56.12761,10.056558,56.179451,10.144608.vex

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