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A tool for generating dynamic stylized transit maps that are easy to understand. Transitive takes in information describing specific transport network elements (routes, stops, journeys) -- typically produced by the OpenTripPlanner Profiler extension -- and produces a schematic map of those elements:


Dynamic styling of the network elements allows for interactivity and flexibility in the visual presentation. For instance, a single journey can be highlighted:


A Transitive map can be embedded as a freestanding web element or overlaid onto a Leaflet map using the Leaflet.TransitiveLayer plugin.

Transitive is supported by the Mobility Lab Transit Tech Initiative. Read more in this Mobility Lab article.


To view samples of Transitive in action, check out the live Storybook.

You can also run this locally with:

git clone
cd transitive.js
yarn start
# Go to http://localhost:5555 to view the storybook (the web page should open automatically)

Usage of otp-ui

These stories rely on the otp-ui project to render transitive data on a Leaflet map. Specifically, it uses:

  • @opentripplanner/base-map - renders a Leaflet base map
  • @opentripplanner/core-utils - converts an OpenTripPlanner itinerary object into data that Transitive can read.
  • @opentripplanner/transitive-overlay - copied from the otp-ui project and replaces the Transitive import with the local copy (useful for testing local changes)

BYOD - Bring your own data

To test out how your own data (e.g., an OpenTripPlanner itinerary) would appear in Transitive, try replacing the itinerary prop in the Itinerary (for OpenTripPlanner itineraries) story (or transitiveData in the Profile story).

You can also override the default style by adding a style prop. See a style example here:



See documentation here.

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