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Welcome to ConvinceMe

Think about what you actually want the government to do—contrast it with what other people want

  • Topics are actions the government can take—not ideas
  • Responses are restricted to 1400 characters1
  • Information can be improved by everyone (via pull requests)

See the rest of the content instructions.

"I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time" -Blaise Pascal


Since you give your opinion on concrete government actions, we'll be able to connect with voting records - and provide an easy way to choose representatives who are aligned with your actual viewpoints.

America has a critical lack of faith in its political representation, for good reason—our representation is mostly funded by lobbyists.

This seems like an ideal way to give people a chance to consider arguments, select the ones they agree with and be given a list they can take to polls and use to select representation which represents their interests—not just the one with the biggest media campaign.

Government Changes & Categories

The changes the government could make and the categories for those actions are stored in this repository.

You can recommend additions by creating a pull-request updating changes.tsv.

Changes can be tagged with various categories (which must be included in the categories.tsv)

Internet points

Preliminary point system:

Number of times voted + GitHub contributions - number of rejected pull requests

The objectives being: encouraging contribution, reading (and voting), and not suggesting bad/inconsequential changes.

"If I have learned anything from the Internet, it is this: be very, very careful when you put a number next to someone's name" -Jeff Atwood

Sweet icon source

Debate by Gregor Cresnar from Noun Project

Creative Commons License

The content of all ConvinceMe projects is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The source code for ConvinceMe is licensed under GPL 3.

Please also look at our Code of Conduct


  1. Why 1400 characters? Because it's longer than a tweet. And it seemed like a reasonable place to start - better to be too short and have to loosen restrictions later than be too long.