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Require Abstinence-Only Education Health, Sex, Education
Prevent the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) Energy, Oil, Environment
Raise Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour Labor
Require Background Checks on All Gun Purchases Gun Control, Violence
Penalize Sanctuary Cities Immigration
Require Free Tuition at Public Colleges and Universities Student Loans
Outlaw the Death Penalty Criminal Justice, Prison
Create a Carbon Tax Energy, Environment Pull out of Paris Agreement
Police With Stop and Frisk Criminal Justice, Policing, Race
Provide School Vouchers Education
Decriminalize Marijuana Use Drugs, Medicine, Criminal Justice
Pull out of Paris Agreement Environment, Climate
Legalize Rent Control Housing Chicago, IL
Defund US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Housing
Eliminate Cash Bail Criminal Justice, Policing
Reduce Estate Tax Taxation
Raise Taxes on People Who Make Over $500,000 a Year Taxation
Remove Common Core Education
Raise Taxes on Corporations Finance, Corporations, Taxation
Repeal Dodd Frank Finance, Corporations
Expand Earned Income Tax Credit Taxation, Finance
Provide Universal Pre-K Education
Repeal Every Student Succeeds Act Education
Defund Federal Department of Education Education
Prevent Fracking Energy, Environment
Subsidize Clean Energy Energy, Environment