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An MVC test framework for watir-webdriver.

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Getting Started

Starting with watirmark is easy. We've taken advantage of code generators to give you a head start and create most of the scaffolding that we've found useful in developing tests against our own websites.

# example
gem install watirmark
watirmark my_test_project

Running the 'watirmark' command will create a small project in the current directory named my_test_project. Take a look at the files created. Sample cucumber test in /features shows how you can navigate to the home page of your project app.

# example
cd my_test_project
script/generate.rb mvc search homepage

On the command line change dir to your newly created project and run script/generate.rb mvc and provide your workflow name search and mvc basename for model view and controller files, in this example homepage. Take a look at the files generated in your project workflows directory. Type script/generate.rb help for more information.

script/generate.rb mvc search/parts/widgets bigwidget

The above example creates lib/workflows/search/parts/widgets directory and mvc files.


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Copyright (c) 2012-2013 Hugh McGowan and Bret Pettichord. See LICENSE for details.