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Conviso Advisories

Advisory ID Title
CONVISO-18-001 Nasdaq BWise JMX/RMI RCE
CONVISO-17-003 Zoom Linux Client Command Injection Vulnerability (RCE)
CONVISO-17-002 Zoom Linux Client Stack-based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
CONVISO-17-001 Multiple vulnerabilities in Cisco DDR2200 Series
CONVISO-14-001 WildFly 8 (JBossAS) Application Directory Traversal Vulnerability
CONVISO-13-001 Spree Commerce Multiple Unsafe Reflection Vulnerabilities
CONVISO-12-001 Ruby on Rails SQL Injection
CONVISO-11-002 Related Posts Word Press Plugin Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability
CONVISO-11-001 Recaptcha Word Press Plugin Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability
CONVISO-10-005 Embedded Video WordPress Plugin Cross Site Vulnerability
CONVISO-10-004 LiveZilla Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability
CONVISO-10-003 Spree e-commerce JSON Hijacking Vulnerabilities
CONVISO-10-002 cform WordPress Plugin V 11.5 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability
CONVISO-10-001 24/7 Real Media's Open AdStream v.5.7 Incorrect Default Permission
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