A pair of Git hooks, plus some other scripts, that let you deploy projects using git push.
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Git Push Deployer

A pair of Git hooks, plus some other scripts, that let you deploy projects using git push.


  • master: tools for deploying standard, file based sites
  • database: utilities for managing database driven sites
  • wordpress: additional utilities for managing WordPress installations


  • pre_deploy_script: runs on the remote BEFORE the main files are updated
  • post_deploy_script: runs on the remote AFTER all files have been updated
  • lock.sh: makes files and directories read-only
  • unlock.sh: makes files and directories writable

Installation for the master Branch

This is but one way to use this process. This method permits you to easily merge my changes into your system. On your remote server, do the following:

git clone git://github.com/convissor/git_push_deployer.git

mv git_push_deployer <your project name>
cd <your project name>
git config receive.denyCurrentBranch ignore

ln -s ../../utilities/post-update .git/hooks/post-update
ln -s ../../utilities/pre-receive .git/hooks/pre-receive

Then, on your local box:

git clone ssh://<user>@<host>/<path>/<your project name>
cd <your project name>
git remote add git_push_deployer git://github.com/convissor/git_push_deployer.git

# Make, add, and commit the changes you desire.
# NOTE: Put your files in the public_html directory and make that
# the document root for your web server.

# To deploy your changes, do this:
git push origin master

# To get any changes I've made to the system:
git pull git_push_deployer master
git push origin master


This project was inspired by http://utsl.gen.nz/git/post-update. Restructuring it to include a pre-receive script permits using the system with repositories that don't have any commits and utilize files in the "utilities" directory without running into the following errors:

  • fatal: bad revision 'HEAD'
  • warning: Log .git/logs/HEAD has gap after
  • warning: Log for 'HEAD' only has 1 entries.
  • fatal: ambiguous argument 'HEAD@{1}': unknown revision or path not in the working tree.