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A pair of Git hooks, plus some other scripts, that let you deploy projects using git push.
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Git Push Deployer

A pair of Git hooks, plus some other scripts, that let you deploy projects using git push.


  • master: tools for deploying standard, file based sites
  • database: utilities for managing database driven sites
  • wordpress: additional utilities for managing WordPress installations

To Do

  • Create processes for handling the uploads directory


  • pre_deploy_script: runs on the remote BEFORE the main files are updated
  • post_deploy_script: runs on the remote AFTER all files have been updated
  • gets a database from the remote server using via SSH
  • pushes the local files and database to the remote
  • dumps the database in a Git-friendly format
  • database-garbage-collection.php: removes backup copies of postings
  • loads a dump and adjusts WP's URL's
  • makes files and directories read-only
  • makes files and directories writable
  • change-url-local.php: sets WordPress' site URL to the local/testing value
  • change-url-prod.php: sets WordPress' site URL to the live/produciton value

Installation for the wordpress Branch

WARNING: These instructions are an experimental draft.

This is but one way to use this process. This method permits you to easily merge my changes into your system. On your remote server, do the following:

# Create your repository.
mkdir wp
cd wp
git init
git config receive.denyCurrentBranch ignore

# Get my WordPress tools.
git remote add -t wordpress -f git_push_deployer \
git pull git_push_deployer wordpress

# Make links for the scripts so we can keep them up to date.
ln -s ../../utilities/post-update .git/hooks/post-update
ln -s ../../utilities/pre-receive .git/hooks/pre-receive

Then, on your local box:

git clone ssh://<user>@<host>/<path>/wp
cd wp

# Rename the remote to clarify the role (and match
git remote rename origin prod

# Get WordPress.
git remote add -t 3.4-branch -f wp
git checkout -b wp wp/3.4-branch

# Move WordPress into the public_html directory.
mkdir public_html
git mv *.html *.php *.txt public_html
git mv wp-* public_html
git commit -am 'Move WP files into public_html.'

# Create your development branch.
git checkout -b dev

# Bring in the Git Push Deploy utilities.
git merge master

# Provide the ability to get my WordPress tools locally.
git remote add -t wordpress -f git_push_deployer \
git pull git_push_deployer wordpress

# Adjust WordPress settings.
# 1) Improve your security by adding the following to wp-config.php:
#    define('DISALLOW_UNFILTERED_HTML', true);
# 2) On development boxes, set "WP_DEBUG" to "true" in wp-config.php.
# 3) Change the $table_prefix.
# 4) Update the database authentication information.
# 5) Provide the "Unique Keys and Salts".
ln -s wp-config-sample.php public_html/wp-config.php
git add public_html/wp-config.php
vim public_html/wp-config.php

# Adjust Git Push Deployer settings.

git commit -am 'My settings.'

# Make, add, and commit any other changes you desire.
# NOTE: Put your files in the "public_html" directory and make that
# the document root for your web server.

# Now hit the WordPress install on your local box in your browser.
# Go through the installation process.
# Activate your plugins, etc.

# Check if there's anything that needs adding/committing.  If so, do it.
git status
git add --all
git commit -am 'Other installation stuff.'

# Now set up the production release branch.
git checkout master
git merge dev

# Set "WP_DEBUG" to "false" in wp-config.php for production.
# And if you want to be super secure, use a lower-privileged MySQL
# user on the production machine.
vim public_html/wp-config.php

git commit -m 'Production settings.' public_html/wp-config.php

# Now push the database and files up to production.

# In the future, if you just want to push files, do this
# (after merging changes into master from the development branch).
git push prod master


This project was inspired by Restructuring it to include a pre-receive script permits using the system with repositories that don't have any commits and utilize files in the "utilities" directory without running into the following errors:

  • fatal: bad revision 'HEAD'
  • warning: Log .git/logs/HEAD has gap after
  • warning: Log for 'HEAD' only has 1 entries.
  • fatal: ambiguous argument 'HEAD@{1}': unknown revision or path not in the working tree.
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