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Azure CosmosDb LinqPad Driver

This is a LinqPad data context driver for Azure CosmosDb

Check out my blogposts on the making of the driver:

Download the binaries

Head over to the releases to download the binaries.


For a detailed description of the currently supported features, please refer to the project Wiki.

  • Static datacontext driver that you can use if you have a prebuilt context using my context library
  • Dynamic datacontext driver if you want to get started fast
  • Querying CosmosDb document collections using LInQ with all the LinqPad integration that you like
  • Running CosmosDb stored procedures
  • Running CosmosDb UDFs
  • Support for executing raw SQL queries in the raw SQL LinqPad window
  • Support for executing raw SQL queries from the C# windows
  • Support for setting the FeedOptions for the underlying queries
  • Populating the SQL translation tab


Every idea, issue or improvement is welcome. If you want to contribute, join the discussions under the issues or read the Wiki on how to contribute and issue a PR.

Disclaimer and license notes

The driver is released under MIT license (check out the License file here in the repo).

Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

Also see the source code for every indication of reasonable attribution.

I would like to thank all the people that helped me when I got stuck with the driver. Check out the discussions at StackOverflow: