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My custom Ghost helpers

I use the Ghost blogging platform to publish my content at, my own blog. To be honest, I think that Ghost has the potential to be an awesome platform — but for now, it does lack some features.

Then why am I using it? Well, it's fun :) Fun to try to figure out how something works, how something could be extended and made better, sometimes without documentation or any help from Google. And since my blog is not a very important production site, I can do this without consequences.

This repository is dedicated to the custom helpers that I create to remedy the problem of missing features.

Check out the wiki on how to use each of the custom helpers. Here's a brief description of the helpers currently available:

  • Top: Downloads the top posts from Google Analytics
  • Group: Groups a list of objects


To be fair, I'm not really a JavaScript/NodeJs-guy. I mostly do trial-and-error, which is not really an engineering approach, so if you can point out anything in these helpers that deviates from the best-practice or have any idea how to improve them, feel free to create an issue or a PR.

If you have a request for a whole new helper create an issue. If you have a helper that's already ready to be used, create a PR.

Licensing and terms

The whole thing is the usual MIT licensed stuff (check out the License file). The more imporant thing is to note that all this is based on exploration and undocumented behavior. Use anything from this repo at your own risk (and create backups).