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a simple image viewer

simpleimageviewer4j - a simple image viewer

The purpose of this project is to provide a simple way to display images in Java (using Swing) to aid in debugging applications which manipulate images.

A simple usage would be to specify images to display like the following:

// Images that we're working on.
BufferedImage img1 = ...
BufferedImage img2 = ...

// A window to view `img1` and `img2` will be shown.
new Viewer(img1, img2).show();

Using a Collection (such as a List) to specify images to display is also supported:

// A `List` containing images that we're working on.
List<BufferedImage> images = ...

// A window to view images contained in `images` will be shown.
new Viewer(images).show();


simpleimageviewer4j is available through Maven.

Simply add the following to the <dependencies> section of the POM:



  • Simple API to easily specify images to view.
  • Swing UI to cycle through images with mouse and keyboard navigation.

Planned features

  • Swing UI which allows zooming into and out of images.
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