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This is basic firmware for use with the Coobro Geo device which can be purchased at The most important thing you need to change in this code is the GPS coordinates of the 5 locations you wish to navigate to. Please go to if you need any help.

This firmware wouldn't exist without help from the following individuals:

Mikal Hart (

Author of both the TinyGPS library, as well as the NewSoftSerial library. There is no doubt that the Coobro Geo would not exist if it wasn't for the efforts of this individual.

Sean Carney (

Special thanks to Sean for creating and documenting his Arduino GPS System. This was my original inspiration for creating the Coobro Geo. His code was used to help figure out the best way to navigate to a GPS coordinate.


The Coobro Geo hardware and firmware are released under the Creative Commons Share Alike v3.0 license You are free to take this piece of code, use it and modify it. All we ask is attribution including the supporting libraries used in this firmware.

Revision Description

1.00 Initial public release.