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Learn javascript in one picture.
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Javascript in one pic

[ Languages: English, 中文, 正體中文, Português, Español ]

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Online version

Online Mindmap


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js in one pic

About this project

The original intent of this project was to note down the syntax and basic conceptes of Javascript for personal use, also used as a syllabus for teaching at the same time. The effectiveness of using a Mind map diagram to summarize a programming language is totally unexpected, it looks like a catalogue of handbook talking about Javascript and filled with syntax details. With a single picture/file, Javascript programmers can not only have a overview of the whole picture of this language, but also could locate to practical syntax examples ASAP.

The original mindmap diagram is drawn with Mindnode and exported to PDF/PNG/OPML files along with a *.mm file which can be edited with FreeMind, another SVG file will be released after the whole project is finished(issues #9).

In addition to Javascript, Python3 & Golang versions are on the way! If you find this project helpful, please consider making a donation with bitcoin or other way 🍻

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  • Function(basic) - inside function: arguments, return;
  • Function - as value: callback;
  • Function - methods: apply/call/bind;
  • Array - methods: map/reduce;
  • Object(OOP) - constructor, properties;
  • Object(OOP) - inheritance;
  • Scope;
  • Function - closures;
  • Operators - bitwise;
  • Flow control - try/catch;
  • ES6;


  1. Professional JavaScript for Web Developers
  2. JavaScript Garden
  3. JavaScript | MDN
  4. 图解Javascript上下文与作用域


See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (MIT).

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