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standard-readme compliant

A flexible Table for your REST-Service. Customize it to your needs as everything can be changed via Templates.

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Table of Contents


npm install coo-dialog

NPM Scripts

There are severall npm scripts so you extend this dialog for your needs

npm run start:app -> is starting the Demo Application inside the demo folder with the content of the module under src
npm run test -> is starting the karma instance to run the tests under the src folder
npm run test:watch -> is starting the tests and run them on every change in the src and demo folder
npm run test:coverage -> just prints a common test coverage report
npm run start:app -> start the demo application out of the root folder
npm run build:ngs -> build the coo-dialog with ngc to the dist folder
npm run build:demo -> builds the demo under the demo/dist folder
npm run ts-lint -> lint the code against the given lint config
npm run compodoc -> creates the documentation for this ng modul with the help of compodoc


If you wanna develop on this module it is helpful to link the /src into the /demo/src/app/modules/ folder and import all the needed sources against this folder

ln -s [Path to your working space]/src/ demo/src/app/modules/table

With this little trick it is possible to compile the demo with the given build script


Import the CooTable Module to your Project

    declarations : [ AppComponent, MainComponent ],
    imports : [
        BrowserModule, FormsModule, HttpModule, CooTableModule,
        RouterModule.forRoot([ { path : '', pathMatch : 'full', component : AppComponent }, { redirectTo : '', path : 'foo' } ], { useHash : true })
    providers : [ WineService ],
    bootstrap : [ MainComponent ]

Update your angluar-cli.json with tje styles form the installed bootstrap version or your own

"styles": [



alt text

Small note: If editing the README, please conform to the standard-readme specification.

Current coverage

=============================== Coverage summary ===============================
Statements   : 78.33% ( 347/443 )
Branches     : 49.48% ( 48/97 )
Functions    : 62.63% ( 62/99 )
Lines        : 76.34% ( 300/393 )


MIT © coodoo


A flexible Table for your REST-Service. Customize it to your needs as everything can be changed via Templates.







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