A Chef cookbook for timezone (Initial Upstream: engineyard, Repository: ey-cloud-recipes)
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Changing the Timezone

This cookbook makes it easy to change the timezone of an instance to one that suits your geographical location, rather than the default PST zone.


Take a look in /usr/share/zoneinfo to find the relevant timezone, and set the timezone variable in this recipes/default.rb file.

Add the following to cookbooks/main/recipes/default.rb:

require_recipe "timezone"

NOTE: the recipe has 'UTC' as an example timezone, so make sure you change as necessary before using.

Restarting services

We have added 3 services that should be restarted when this recipe runs, so that they are aware of the new timezone. If you find that you need other system services to be restarted, make sure you modify the recipe file accordingly. You will need to find the appropriate script in /etc/init.d, then add that name as a service resource and also add it into the notifies attribute of the 'link' resource in the recipe file.