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maintainer "Opscode, Inc."
maintainer_email ""
license "Apache 2.0"
description "Installs and configures jira"
version "0.8.2"
recommends "mysql"
recipe "jira", "Installs and configures Jira"
%w{ ubuntu debian }.each do |os|
supports os
%w{ runit java apache2 }.each do |cb|
depends cb
attribute "jira",
:display_name => "Jira",
:description => "Hash of Jira attributes",
:type => "hash"
attribute "jira/virtual_host_name",
:display_name => "Jira Virtual Hostname",
:description => "Apache ServerName for Jira virtual host",
:default => "jira.domain"
attribute "jira/virtual_host_alias",
:display_name => "Jira Virtual Hostalias",
:description => "Apache ServerAlias for Jira virtual host",
:default => "jira"
attribute "jira/version",
:display_name => "Jira Version",
:description => "Version of Jira to download and install",
:default => "enterprise-3.13.1"
attribute "jira/install_path",
:display_name => "Jira Install Path",
:description => "Filesystem location for Jira",
:default => "/srv/jira"
attribute "jira/run_user",
:display_name => "Jira Run User",
:description => "User the Jira instance should run as",
:default => "www-data"
attribute "jira/database",
:display_name => "Jira Database",
:description => "Type of database Jira should use",
:default => "mysql"
attribute "jira/database_host",
:display_name => "Jira Database Host",
:description => "Hostname of the database server",
:default => "localhost"
attribute "jira/database_user",
:display_name => "Jira Database User",
:description => "Name of the database user for Jira",
:default => "jira"
attribute "jira/database_password",
:display_name => "Jira Database Password",
:description => "Password for the Jira Database User",
:default => "change_me"