A Chef cookbook for chef-revealcloud (Initial Upstream: needle-cookbooks, Repository: chef-revealcloud)
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CopperEgg RevealCloud Agent




  • Any Linux 2.6+ OS, including: Ubuntu, Debian, Vyatta, RedHat Enterprise, CentOS, Fedora, Amazon, SuSE, openSuSE, Gentoo, and many derivatives.
  • FreeBSD 7.x+


  • default[:copperegg][:apikey] = Your API Key available from the RevealCloud App Settings Page.
  • default[:copperegg][:tags] = A comma separated list of tags to apply. Optional. Manage your tags.
  • default[:copperegg][:label] = Label to apply in place of hostname when displaying in the dashboard. WARNING: If you want the same label applied to multiple systems, you may want to consider tags instead. This is most useful if you intend a recipe for a single server. Optional.
  • default[:copperegg][:proxy] = Proxy server required to talk to the revealcloud api servers, such as myproxy.mycorp.com:8080. Optional. Leave blank unless you know what you are doing.


  1. Download into your chef-repo, either manually from the community chef webpage or:
  • knife cookbook site download revealcloud
  1. Set your apikey as described in the Attributes section.
  • edit revealcloud/attributes/default.rb and change YOUR_USER_API_KEY to be correct.
  1. Set any other optional attributes described above, as desired.
  2. Upload the cookbook to your chef server or hosted chef:
  • knife cookbook upload -a -o revealcloud
  1. Include recipe[revealcloud] in the run_list for all of your servers.
  • knife node run_list add NODES 'recipe[revealcloud]'
  1. Run chef-client on your nodes in whatever manner suits you, such as sudo chef-client or a batch job.
  2. View your systems within 10 seconds in the RevealCloud App


License and Author

Author:: Ross Dickey

Copyright 2012, CopperEgg, Inc.

No License. Redistribution encouraged.