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maintainer "RightScale, Inc."
maintainer_email ""
license, '..', '..', 'LICENSE')))
description "Installs/Configures RightScale system utilities."
long_description, 'README.rdoc'))
version "0.1"
depends "rs_utils"
recipe "sys::do_reconverge_list_enable", "Enable list of recipes to run every 15 minutes."
recipe "sys::do_reconverge_list_disable", "Disable recipe reconverge list."
recipe "sys::setup_swap", "Installs swap space."
attribute "sys/reconverge_list",
:display_name => "Reconverge List",
:description => "A space-separated list of recipes to run every 15 minutes, which is designed to enforce system consistency. Ex: app::do_firewall_request_open lb_haproxy::do_attach_all",
:required => "optional",
:default => "",
:recipes => [ "sys::default", "sys::do_reconverge_list_enable", "sys::do_reconverge_list_disable" ]
attribute "sys/swap_size",
:display_name => "Swap size in GB",
:description => "Creates and activates a swap file based on the selected size (in GB). Note: The swap added by this file will be in addition to any swap defined in the image.",
:type => "string",
:choice => ["0.5", "1.0", "2.0"],
:default => "0.5",
:recipes => [ "sys::setup_swap"]
attribute "sys/swap_file",
:display_name => "Swapfile location",
:description => "The location of swap file. Defaults to '/mnt/ephemeral/swapfile'.",
:type => "string",
:default => "/mnt/ephemeral/swapfile",
:recipes => [ "sys::setup_swap"]
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