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// define(DB_CONN, "host=localhost dbname=fox user=fox password=XXXXXXXXXXX");
// DB connection string, PostgreSQL must be configured to accept connections
// via TCP/IP and authentified by password.
define(DB_TYPE, "pgsql");
define(DB_HOST, "localhost");
define(DB_USER, "fox");
define(DB_NAME, "fox");
define(DB_PASS, "XXXXXX");
define('MAGPIE_CACHE_DIR', '/var/tmp/magpie-ttrss-cache');
// Local cache directory for RSS feeds
define(WEB_DEMO_MODE, false);
define(ENABLE_FEED_ICONS, true);
define(ICONS_DIR, "icons");
define(ICONS_URL, "icons");
define(PURGE_OLD_DAYS, 30);
// Articles older than this number of days will be deleted automatically
// enable "Mark as read/unread" buttons in preferences dialog
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