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💥 git-work: A more efficient way to manage your GitHub issues. Offline-ready. Multi-remote. In the Terminal.
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git work

brought to you as libre software with joy and pride by Artificial Engineering.

Support our libre Bot Cloud via BTC 1CamMuvrFU1QAMebPoDsL3JrioVDoxezY2.


git work is an extension to the git command line tool that allows an offline-ready integration with GitHub issues.

It is compatible with all GitHub Issue features and allows filtering them by remote, milestone, assignee, or label.

GitHub allows the auto-closing issues via commit message. For example, a commit message containing Fixes issue #1337 allows closing an issue.

With above closing mechanism and git work as a CLI tool you never have to visit the GitHub web interface again :)



  • node (node.js) with ES2016 support


The installation process is quite simple. There are two ways to do it:

  1. Download the build/git-work.js file to /usr/bin/git-work and make it executable.

  2. Install the git-work package via NPM globally. Don't worry, this project has zero dependencies.

sudo npm install -g git-work;


If git is configured with an email, all issue with the assignee awesome will be assumed to be you.

If that causes you trouble, you can override the defaulted filter with the supported filter flag syntax:

git work show --assignee="not-awesome";

Offline Cache and GitHub Token:

Important Note: The GitHub API has rate limits, if you call git work sync manually too often, you probably will get blocked.

This can be avoided using a Personal Access Token with repo rights.

cd /path/to/repository;

mkdir .github;

The git work cache is per-repository (and per-remote, which means it will create a .github folder and a .github/ISSUES cache file in your repo.

These are the files that influence the git work behaviour:

  • .github/ISSUES contains the JSON cache for all issues.
  • .github/TOKEN (optionally) contains the Personal Access Token.


The usage syntax is super-simple:

git work sync;     # Sync all open issues
git work show;     # List all open issues
git work show 123; # Show issue #123

# Below are some filter examples
git work show --remote="upstream";
git work show --milestone="2017-Q2";

git work show --label="bug-report";
git work show --assignee="cookiengineer";


git work is (c) 2016-2017 by Cookie Engineer and released under MIT / Expat license. For further details take a look at the LICENSE.txt file.

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