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Systems developped for the DEFT2013 evaluation campaign

DEFT2013 evaluation campaign Wikimeta Lab System

Paper is on ResearchGate at:

For information contact: twitter @ericcharton twitter @mjmrsc

This software is free to use, modify and redistribute under Creative Commons by-nc/3.0 License Term

This license means, do anything with it but make money. (if you make money, share it with us :-)

(c) Dr Eric Charton & Dr Marie-Jean Meurs

!!! Caution !!!

This software (and data set) is intended for students as a way to experiment machine learning with Weka and for researcher as a reproducible experiment of DEFT 2013. THIS IS NOT SOMETHING EASY TO USE AND DEPLOY. You need machine learning, java and weka skills to use this package. We can provide a little help ... but not too much :-)

Enjoy E.

Folders description

Dont forget to add the path to your folder structure in the variables.vars class

DEFT2013/arff/ The ARFF files to reproduce experiments from GUI or code (students can use those directly in weka GUI with no further manipulations)

DEFT2013/corpus The feature lists (verbs, ngrams and so on) generated to build ARFF (you can regenerate those from software using classes of package "analyse")

DEFT2013/src The Java code; use it to make stats, generate arff, generate full experiments, test with our (or new) models. You can use serialized models from Weka gui.

DEFT2013/models Our models (Naive Bayes, LMT, SVM) generated with weka according to ARFF training files. Compliant with weka GUI and Java code

DEFT2013/run The csv and results generated by our Java application and sent to DEFT2013 organization as runs (final results of the paper)

DEFT2013/jar The version 3-7-9 of weka jar is there for your convenience (GNU General Public License) .

Try with Eclipse

  1. Download and install weka 3-7-9
  2. If you want to reproduce SVM experiment under eclipse
  • Install LibBsvm from GUI

Tools/package manager => LibSVM

  • Configure eclipse

To avoid classpath problems, please install from weka 3-7-9

From the Java project, under eclipse:

Make the classpath pointing on libraries:

  • Right button on project, properties
  • Java build path
  • add external class folder : on folder /home/yourname/wekafiles/packages/LibSVM (exists if you used weka 3-7-9)
  • add external jar /home/yourname/wekafiles/packages/LibSVM.jar

Dont forget to import weka.jar from 3-7-9.

Use the Weka GUI and explorer

  • Please launch Weka with enough memory to test on ARFF files:

java -Xmx2048m -jar weka.jar

  • You can use ARFF files from ARFF folder to make experiments

Same results as the Wikimeta Lab system for DEFT2013 will be obtained with same classifiers (see paper and a 5 fold experiment.


DEFT2013 evaluation campaign






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