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This is a Mozilla Firefox extension for interacting with Amazon EC2. The source code
also functions as an example of how to use the Amazon EC2 Query API from


The extension can be installed by opening the .xpi file contained in the archive that includes
this README file. Alternatively, the latest version of the .xpi file is hosted in Amazon
S3 at the following URL:

If you visit the link above using Mozilla Firefox you will be prompted regarding the
installation of the extension.


This extension requires Mozilla Firefox version 1.5.0 or later.

Source Code:

The full source code is available at

The .xpi file is really just a renamed ZIP archive. Your garden variety ZIP utilities can be 
used to unzip it. Within this archive you will find a file named ec2ui.jar. This is also just
a renamed JAR archive so you can explore it in the same way. This JAR file contains the bulk
of the interesting source code. Highlights include:

    This file contains the logic to construct and sign requests to Amazon EC2.

    This file wraps client.js and includes logic to unpack Amazon EC2 responses.
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