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Puree is a log collector which provides some features like below

  • Filtering: Enable to interrupt process before sending log. You can add common params to logs, or the sampling of logs.
  • Buffering: Store logs to buffer until log was sent.
  • Batching: Enable to send logs by 1 request.
  • Retrying: Retry to send logs after backoff time automatically if sending logs fails.

Puree helps you unify your logging infrastructure.


Configure Logger

// Swift

let configuration = PURLoggerConfiguration.default()
configuration.filterSettings = [
    PURFilterSetting(filter: ActivityFilter.self, tagPattern: "activity.**"),
    // filter settings ...
configuration.outputSettings = [
    PUROutputSetting(output: ConsoleOutput.self,   tagPattern: "activity.**"),
    PUROutputSetting(output: ConsoleOutput.self,   tagPattern: "pv.**"),
    PUROutputSetting(output: LogServerOutput.self, tagPattern: "pv.**", settings:[PURBufferedOutputSettingsFlushIntervalKey: 10]),
    // output settings ...

let logger = PURLogger(configuration: configuration)
// Objective-C

PURLoggerConfiguration *configuration = [PURLoggerConfiguration defaultConfiguration];
configuration.filterSettings = @[
    [[PURFilterSetting alloc] initWithFilter:[ActivityFilter class]
    // filter settings ...
configuration.outputSettings = @[
    [[PUROutputSetting alloc] initWithOutput:[ConsoleOutput class]
    [[PUROutputSetting alloc] initWithOutput:[ConsoleOutput class]
    [[PUROutputSetting alloc] initWithOutput:[LogServerOutput class]
                                  settings:@{PURBufferedOutputSettingsFlushIntervalKey: @10}],
    // output settings ...

PURLogger *logger = [[PURLogger alloc] initWithConfiguration:configuration];

Expected result

tag name                 [ Filter Plugin ]  -> [ Output Plugin ]
activity.recipe.view  -> [ ActivityFilter ] -> [ ConsoleOutput ]
activity.bargain.view -> [ ActivityFilter ] -> [ ConsoleOutput ]
pv.recipe_detail      -> ( no filter )      -> [ ConsoleOutput ], [ LogServerOutput(FlushInterval:10sec) ]
event.special         -> ( no filter )      -> ( no output )

Post log

Post log object(anyObject) in an arbitrary timing.

// Swift["recipe_id": "123"], tag: "pv.recipe_detail")
// Objective-C

[logger postLog:@{@"recipe_id": @"123"} tag: @"pv.recipe_detail"]


You can create plugins. See Create Plugins

Tag system


Tag is consisted of multiple term split by .. For example activity.recipe.view, pv.recipe_detail. You can specify tag to log freely.


Filter, Output and BufferedOutput plugins is applied to tag matched logs. You can specify tag pattern for plugin reaction rules.

Simple pattern

Pattern aaa.bbb match tag aaa.bbb, not match tag aaa.ccc (Perfect matching).


Pattern aaa.* match tags aaa.bbb, aaa.ccc. Not match tags aaa, aaa.bbb.ccc (single term).

Pattern aaa.** match tags aaa, aaa.bbb and aaa.bbb.ccc. Not match tag xxx.yyy.zzz (zero or more terms).


Puree is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod "Puree"


Tomohiro Moro,


Puree is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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