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#Quickleft Hackfest

Quickleft Hackfest takes place the last Wednesday of each month. A topic is announced on the QuickLeft blog, and an accompanying project is created. At 6:00pm, when the hackfest begins, the new project will be pushed to the repository. Anyone who wants to participate can fork the repository and work on completing the tasks in the instructions.html file.

At the end of the hackfest, each group or person will submit a pull request and have a chance to share their project on the projector. A panel of judges will score each presentation and award a prize and trophy to the winner. The prize will be related to the topic, and the trophy displays your victory in that topic.

The winner's pull request will be accepted, merged, and tagged in the repository. Their commit will represent their everlasting victory, and everyone can see it by pulling down the code.


Instructions are structured so that no matter what your skill is with the topic, you will be guided through the necessary steps to complete it. There are also more advanced paths for those who are more familiar with the topic and want a challenge.


The goal is to have fun and learn something. Challenge yourself. If you don't know the topic very well, pair with someone who does. You will learn more and still have fun. If you don't know who to pair with, talk to me (nico) or another QuickLefter and we'll pair you up with someone!

Remote / Offsite

Do you live far away, like coldhead? Join us in IRC or on our video live stream chat (check blog post for details). Since everything is submitted over GitHub pull requests, we will be able to present and judge yours as well! We will ship you out your trophy and prize if you dominate the in-officers!