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LINQPAD scripts for analizing PSP databases
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LINQPAD scripts for analizing PSP databases

General Settings

LINQPad-scripts for analysis of the PSP database:

  • BaseAnalysis_UK.linq: General SQL analysis with english report
  • BasisAnalyse_DE.linq: General SQL analysis with german report
  • DocumentRevisionCheck.linq: C#-script to check whether documents have a date conflict
  • ItemRevisionCheck.linq: C#-script to check whether items have a date conflict

Download LINQPad 5 and install it on a PSP-Client machine.

The scripts can be extracted in any folder.

  • These can be opened with LINQPad.
  • With „Add connection“ the connection to the database must be established. General Settings
    • There choose ‘Default (LINQ to SQL)’ and then „Next >“ General Settings
    • In the following dialog the server must be specified: General Settings

• Script BasisAnalyse.linq gives an overview of the database. „Language“ must be set to „SQL“, as it is an SQL-script. General Settings

For scripts DocumentRevisionCheck.linq and ItemRevisionCheck.linq „Language“ must be set to „C# Program“, as they are C#-scripts.

When the analysis is done, there is an export into Excel and Word in the result bar. Take the export you prefer.

These scripts are made to help you in your projects. But there is no guarantee on correctness and completeness.

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