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Ender is not a JavaScript library in the traditional sense. So don't rush out and try to replace jQuery or MooTools with Ender... It just wouldn't work.... But! you can build a library from Ender which will. And you should. right now.

That's because: Ender is an open-module micro-to-macro framework for composing your own custom JavaScript library; it wraps up application-independent modules into a familiar interface so you don't have to.

Check it out:



Because in the browser - small, loosely coupled modules are the future, and large, tightly-bound monolithic libraries are the past!

For folks in the knows, you can jump straight to the list of modules

Ender is unique and important in two key ways:

  1. Ender provides front end developers with a true package management system and the powerful command line tools necessary to back it up... making your library maintenance tasks simple, painless, and fast.

  2. Ender offers a way to bring together the awesome work happening in small frameworks and libraries that otherwise do only one thing, and allows you to mix, match, and customize your own library suited to your individual needs without all the extra cruft that comes with larger libraries.


Install NodeJS and install NPM.

Then install ender globally with the command (Latest NPM):

$ [sudo] npm install ender -g

or (NPM version < 1):

$ [sudo] npm install ender

Once that has installed, to get a list of all the cool things you can do, just run this command in your terminal:

$ ender


See how this stuff works and watch some introduction videos


For development questions, issues, bugs, ideas, suggestions -- join the Ender community and send us your thoughts at