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Basic Instructions
If you are building from source you will need autoconf & automake (you will
definitely need make), otherwise skip to step 2.
1. Create the configure script:
% ./
2. Run the configure script:
% ./configure
You can check the meager options with ./configure -h
3. Build the program
% make
4. Use the program in situ or place it somewhere in your $PATH
zlib - used to compress ID3 frames & expand already compressed frames
available from
For Mac OS X users:
The default is to build a universal binary.
switching between a universal build and a platform dependent build should be
accompanied by a "make maint-clean" and a ./configure between builds.
To *not( build a Mac OS X universal binary:
% make maint-clean
% ./configure --disable-universal
% make
For Windows users:
AtomicParsley builds under cygwin using the same procedure as above.
To build with MSVC, you will need to create your own project file; look at the
list of source files in; you need all of the source files *except*
the .mm files. You will also need to provide your own zlib.
# vim:ts=2:sw=2:et:
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