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Dated 2015 July 06

Subj: API violation

AJ, a while back, you were a partner with us. It looks like you posted a lot of our API documentation and your own hacks on various programming and hacker sites.

Please remove all of that proprietary information immediately lest we pursue legal action. is a list of many of the sites to which you posted our information. Please remove ALL before the end of this month.


Dated 2015 July 06

I want to be very clear that I didn't post any "hacks" of any kind, nor did I post anything material to any type of "hacker" site. Everything that I had posted was educational in nature for the purpose of helping others get started using the API, with all intentions of such access being done in a legal and proper way.

That said, I had posted material on 3 sites for professional web developers and that material has been removed.

The rest of those results are simply junk chinese syndicate sites (i.e. [junk site link removed]) for which I have no affiliation, communication, account, or knowledge.

It doesn't appear that any of those junk sites have actual copies of content on them, so as their caches expire and they re-scrape the web those references will disappear.

Note: The technical demo and library in question (which most companies would gratefully link to as 3rd party library) was added to github on October 17th 2010.

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